Friday, March 30, 2007

March Card Sketch Challenge Winner!

Congratulations Lynna!!!You Will Be Receving These RAK Prizes!
Enjoy Lynna :)
5 pcs 12x12 Patterned Papers
Alpha Stickers, Stamped 7Gs
Flower & Epoxy Stickers


asydin said...

congrats Lina!!! Woohooo!!

WatiBasri said...

congrats! :)

Lynna said...

ohh my !!...

Thanks Yati , Ed , Wati...

i'm still "numb"..cant believe i won.

must thanks the little lucky hand that pick out the paper with my name huh..

edleen maryam said...

Yoohoo Lynna!

Your prizes are ready.
Look out for Happy Mail Day soon! :D


Lynna said...

Ed Thank you dear !!

nice !!

Looking forward to receive it in my mail ;-)