Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Have A Groovie Valentine's!

Sketch Of Cards I did some sketching and doodling and
perhaps you'd like to take up the challenge?

Card Challenge from Sketch
If you're up to it, make a card from the sketch and email me your creation latest by
February 27th and stand to win a small RAK prize!
Winner will be selected randomly and will be announced on
February 28th.
Everyone is invited to play!

Have A Groovie DayEd's Card Stef's Cardsubmitted February 14th

Yati's Card
submitted February 15th

Liza's Card

Ed's Card
for my Mum :)
submitted February 22nd


edleen maryam said...

that's really beautiful Stef! :)


edleen maryam said...

Yati! love the pop up effect and the colours too! lovely :)


asydin said...

Ed, stef ~ gorgeous cards!!!

edleen maryam said...

Liza, simple yet pretty cards! the cut out flowers are gorgeous :)